Justice and Equity Initiative

Dear Colleagues,

In the fall of 2017, CNE began to develop a strategic initiative focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion. For many people in the Charlottesville area, the events of July and August 2017 were a catalyst — for reflection, for action, and for coming to terms with our country’s history of racism and antisemitism and its continued effects on our day-to-day lives. We’ve watched our community grapple with hard conversations to reach new understandings and listened — a lot — to community voices while working through our own responses. We have learned and grown, as individuals and as an organization, and we know we have more work to do.

The nonprofit sector inhabits a unique position. We serve our community and are responsible for its well-being. And we belong to and are responsible to the community. Yet, the diversity of the communities we serve is not reflected in the boards or leadership staff of nonprofits. This lack of representation indicates deeper problems of injustice and inequity. We seek to partner with you as we work together not only to alleviate these symptoms but also to address the root causes because it makes us better community stewards.

Yours in progress,

  Cristine Nardi, Executive Director

  Andrew Robinson, Program Manager