Become a Corporate Partner

Is your company committed to community engagement? Do you want to build positivity, fulfillment and team morale among your company’s leadership & employees? Corporate partnership with CNE is the gateway to building community connections while strengthening nonprofits across the region.

Giving employees a new outlet to build on their strengths, and for the greater good of the world no less, verifiably impacts a company’s bottom line through engagement, development and community involvement. It’s perhaps the most resourceful way to utilize the strengths of your workforce in order to achieve organizational success.

Hesha Patel, JKGroup


Local businesses can join the CNE network and receive:

  • Increased Visibility through positive brand association & logo exposure on CNE’s website.
  • Employee Professional Development through discounted trainings that boost business leadership skills.
  • Meaningful Connections with local leaders through CNE special events and to sector news through CNE’s weekly E-Newsletter
  • Access to Expertise in how to develop a corporate philanthropy or employee community engagement program

CNE's corporate partnership program includes opportunities to invest at every level, with special benefits affiliated with each:

 CNE is proud to call these local companies our corporate partners:




Interested in learning more about how to develop a corporate partnership with CNE?

Contact CNE’s Advancement Coordinator, Lauren Harris, for more information!