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Ms. Hamlin coaches from a place of thoughtful authenticity. She not only made a significant impact on my leadership abilities but, far deeper, she facilitated the growth of my perspective and outlook on life. She first sought to understand my core values, needs, and motivations and carefully found the words to help me walk through the blurry mental landscapes to find illuminated understanding. I can honestly say that Ms. Hamlin is an amazing coach. She is fundamentally a good, caring, and wise person who has learned how to adeptly guide people through individual development journeys.

A Client

mary_davisMary Davis has worked as a coach, facilitator, and trainer for over 20 years supporting individuals’ and organizations’ attempts to engage effectively in collaborative problem solving and decision-making. She has also convened and provided process management to large multi-stakeholder efforts throughout the United States.

She offers her coaching expertise to current and aspiring leaders looking for clear, incisive, and compassionate support and guidance to address their challenges relating to all aspects of collaboration and general professional development.

What she does best – say her clients – is both challenge and support the people she coaches. She brings strong intuition and insight to her work, matched with an artful balance of irreverence and reverence. Her approach to coaching is to provide a confidential thinking partner to facilitate awareness and new learning that builds the clients’ capacity to address concerns and take desirable actions.

Mary Davis has recently moved back to Charlottesville after having lived in Colorado and New Mexico for much of her career. She is certified by the International Coaching Federation and holds Masters Degrees in Counseling and in Planning and Public Policy from the University of Virginia.

Mary Davis knows how to get to the root of a complicated answer by asking simple questions.

A Client

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