Management Academy

Are you a nonprofit staffer who seeks to grow your skill set? Are you an organization that wants to invest in its emerging leaders? If so, consider CNE’s Management Academy.

The Management Academy provides a launching point from which to explore untapped skills and possible future roles within your organization and the sector.

The Management Academy has four main goals to support you as an emerging nonprofit leader:

  1. Expand your knowledge in all areas of nonprofit business;
  2. Provide you with a collection of tools and reference materials;
  3. Develop your leadership and managerial skills; and
  4. Build relationships with other nonprofit professionals.


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 What is it?

Management Academy consists of three related pieces:

  1. Two two-hour Reflective Management Seminars geared towards peer-learning, reflection, and personal and professional development,
  2. One hour of coaching with a career coach,
  3. Six two-hour Nonprofit 101 Workshops in six areas: finance, governance, human resources, marketing, philanthropy, and program evaluation.

To help prepare participants for leadership roles, the Management Academy faculty will ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion form a thematic piece in their sessions. Additionally, all workshops include some consideration of ethical issues related to the topic at hand.

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How does it work?

Through the Nonprofit 101 sessions, you’ll gain an overall understanding of the pieces that make up a nonprofit business. By the end, you should have a better sense of how your current work fits into the whole of your organization and be better situated to make strategic decisions within your organization.

Through the Reflective Management seminars, you’ll work with your cohort to reflect on your learning, share your challenges, and articulate a clearer vision for yourself as a manager.

Your Career Coaching session should help you shape your future plans and get a clear picture of what lies ahead.

To fully integrate your Management Academy experience into your work environment, CNE suggests coordinating meetings with your work supervisor along the way.

Who should participate?

Those who are aspiring to take on management roles, who are new to management, or who are transferring into a nonprofit management role will benefit most from this program.

When does it happen?

Management Academy typically runs from early September to mid-November. If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact CNE’s Program Manager, Andrew Robinson.

How much does it cost?

$500 for CNE members.

$600 for non-members.

Not a member? Join today.

I now know more about marketing, accounting, performance measurement, fund development, and personnel management. . . Not only did I come back and give this information to the other staff but the knowledge I have gained through these trainings, allows me to potentially grow here at a faster rate.

Danielle Flippin, Jefferson Area Board for Aging

For more information, contact Program Manager 
Andrew Robinson

American Sign Language interpreters or other communication access accommodations are available upon request. Please submit any accommodations requests to Andrew Robinson, Program Manager, 434-951-9042 or