Emerging Leaders Circle

CNE’s Emerging Leaders Circle is a facilitated eight-month peer learning program that aims to strengthen a new generation of nonprofit leaders.

The Emerging Leaders Circle has provided me with the skills, confidence, support network, and tools to move forward into the next stage of my career. I am grateful for our facilitator, my peers in the circle, my assigned coach, and the accountability of this program that have pushed e to ask hard questions of myself. I’m starting to feel like I have some answers!

Elise Cruz, 2017 ELC Participant

The Emerging Leaders Circle consists of facilitated, small group sessions of six to eight participants as well as one-on-one coaching sessions.

Specially designed activities develop participants sense of themselves as a leader and help them create a concrete plan for further development.

Carefully curated readings and videos create a basis for discussion. While our expert facilitator and past Emerging Leaders Circle participant, Allison Scholl, ensures that sessions provide generous time for individual sharing and troubleshooting.

One-on-one sessions with professional coaches increase the individual nature of participants’ learning experiences.

We structured our meetings so that we integrated the readings into our sharing time. We brought the articles to life by applying meaning to them using our own experiences and perspective. This increased our sharing time and increased our retention and comprehension of the material.

ELC 2016 Participant

I got a lot of usable tools out my work with my coach. It was extremely helpful. We developed our own structure, and made it highly active, challenging and practical.

ELC 2016 Participant

The facilitator was super receptive to hearing our feedback based on our needs. We were able to adjust pacing and timing weekly, which was helpful. This was a great experience!

ELC 2016 Participant

Group sessions and individual coaching focuses on developing leadership skills in the following areas:

  • Knowing yourself
  • Building a vision
  • Maximizing your values at work
  • Building strategic relationships
  • Making sense of experience
  • Challenging yourself

The next Emerging Leaders Circle will take place in 2020. If you interested in learning more about this program please contact Program Manager, Andrew Robinson, arobinson@thecne.org.

Applications due Friday, December 6 2019.

New Emerging Leaders Circles are launched in the spring of every year. For more information contact Andrew Robinson, Program Manager.

*Tuition for this program is $600 per person and is exclusively available to CNE Members.
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