Governance Matters

Nonprofit organizations can be good without a dynamic, effective board, but they can’t be great. Boards are great when they understand their roles, engage deeply in the organization, and operate as effective teams.

Our board, while struggling through some situations throughout this year, is really energized and we are so excited to be making some positive changes for the long-term strength of the agency. There is still a lot of work to be done but I wanted to pass along that we took the case study, and our board responsibilities, to heart. Thank you all for your support and guidance throughout the year. CNE is truly a great resource for the area non-profits and their boards.

Jennifer King, Board President, Sexual Assault Resource Agency

Photo by Andrea Hubbell

CNE provides a wide-range of training topics, formats and schedules to boards and board members to meet them where they are – from early morning short governance trainings, to ½ day board orientation workshops to our signature Board Academy, a deep dive into the most critical aspects of governance. We welcome, in particular, groups of board members to participate together in all of our board training programs.