Nonprofit Finance Fund Webinars

CNE has partnered with CFA Institute and the Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) to increase CNE members’ access to the NFF’s high-quality webinar curriculum.

NFF’s webinars include new core content with clear and practical action steps to help nonprofit leaders manage uncertainty. Participants will also receive specially designed tools for a hands-on application of key concepts. Check out this recorded overview of the series.

These webinars provide essential professional development opportunities for nonprofit leaders and are a great way to supplement your knowledge with financial insights from their most experienced staff. The 60-minute webinars are offered as a full financial management curriculum or can be chosen a la carte for organizations interested in specific business challenges.

Have any questions when you’re done? CNE staff are available to provide technical assistance on questions arising from webinar content. If you are looking for the next steps in participating in one or more of these webinars, please feel free to reach out.

The Basics of Nonprofit Finance (Series 1)

Join us for an overview of why and how strong financial health is a cornerstone for every nonprofit, get a crash course on reading financial statements, and explore key financial elements every nonprofit board member should understand when making decisions.

The following webinars can be taken as a complete curriculum or individually depending on your interests.

  • The Big Picture

    Good financial decisions need to come in the context of a clear understanding of the organization business model and overall financial health. Learn about how finance fits into mission delivery how your business model affects your management needs and key suggestions for building financial stability in a range of circumstances. Take home user-friendly tools for quickly gauging financial health.

  • Reading Financial Statements

    All nonprofit leaders should understand how to review their organization’s financial reports and be aware of their financial picture from an outside perspective. This session covers the fundamentals of nonprofit finance including how to read income statements and balance sheets, particularly within audited financial statements, and how to assess an organization’s financial picture.

  • What Every Board Member Should Know About Nonprofit Finance

    Board members can better guide a nonprofit toward financial strength in service of its mission when they understand their legal and practical roles and are well versed in the financial management of an organization. This webinar reviews what every board member should know about nonprofit finance and how they can best support leadership.


Using Data for Day-to-Day Management and Communicating with Stakeholders (Series 2)

This series shares some everyday management tools that help nonprofit leaders make nimble decisions and communicate with staff, board, funders, and constituents. We cover both basic and strategic uses of budgeting, cash-flow planning, dashboard management, and financial storytelling.

Participants in this series will receive:

  • An NFF budget template,
  • A cashflow planning template,
  • A tool for dashboard planning, and
  • A template that outlines financial story building blocks.

The following webinars can be taken as a complete curriculum or individually depending on your interests.

  • Budgeting Basics

    Understand how to manage expenses alongside revenue realities. We’ll review key budget terms, concepts and best practices, and demystify the budgeting process for annual budgets and grants management. Learn how to budget for restricted revenue, below-the-line budgeting and budget reforecasting. Participants will receive an NFF budget template.

  • Strategic Budgeting

    Your budget can be a core management tool to align staff and board around financial goals such as growth, stability, or change. Learn how to set up a budget that appropriately communicates your organization’s comprehensive financial needs and future plans. You’ll take home an NFF budget template that includes options for below-the-line budgeting and multi-year projections.

  • Cashflow Planning

    A key component of financial stability is understanding how cash flows into and out of your organization. Learn how to create a cash-flow projection; about common strategies for managing cash flow; how to avoid missteps in cash-flow planning; about the differences between cash and accrual account, and how cash-flow management connects to accessing credit. You’ll take home a template for monitoring your organization’s cash flow that accounts for restricted revenue and debt repayment.

  • Dashboard Development

    Dashboards are increasingly popular for communicating your mission and outcomes successes, staffing, and resources. Learn how to create, populate and use a dashboard that guides thoughtful conversations about your nonprofit’s financial needs, challenges, and opportunities. Take home tools to get you started on building your own management dashboard.

  • Telling Your Financial Story

    Nonprofit leaders must know, own, and articulate their organization’s financial story to build trust and credibility, contextualize financial reports, connect finances to mission, and advocate for their needs. Learn how to craft a compelling financial story tailored to a variety of audiences, using budgets, dashboards, audits, and other materials. You’ll take home a template that outlines financial story building blocks.


Tools for Strategic Decision-Making (Series 3)

Building on the content from the first two series, this series covers program economics, cost analyses, financial risks and opportunities, scenario planning, growth projections, and collaborations — all tools that support strategic decision-making around overall organizational and program strategies. Participants in this series will receive:

  • NFF’s program economics model,
  • A customizable cost allocations tool,
  • A simple scenario planning tool,
  • A multi-year projections template, and
  • A partnership assessment worksheet.

The following webinars can be taken as a complete curriculum or individually depending on your interests.

  • Program Economics

    Every program impacts your organization’s bottom line. A clear understanding of each program’s profitability is critical to making informed decisions about, for example, hiring or fundraising. NFF’s program economics model helps nonprofit managers understand how each program contributes to money and mission objectives. Case studies will also help you learn how to use a program economics model toward better financial health and maximum mission impact. You’ll take home NFF’s program economics model to assess your own organization.

  • Untangling the Multiple Views of Cost

    Understanding and managing costs is key to maintaining stability through revenue uncertainties, but it can also be a daunting challenge. We help you untangle the overlapping perspectives on costs, keep an eye out for those often overlooked, and outline steps to calculate the comprehensive cost of programs as well as your whole enterprise. You’ll take home NFF’s customizable cost allocation tool to better understand the cost of mission delivery for fundraising and financial storytelling purposes.

  • Scenario Planning

    How do you prepare for the unexpected? We will share tools and methods that help you quantify the unknown; assess revenue and expenses variability; identify key triggers or drivers of change; assess and prioritize risks; plan for best- and worst-case scenarios; project the financial impact of strategic decisions over time, and prepare for multiple outcomes. You’ll take home a worksheet to help create and prioritize scenarios and a simple scenario planning tool.

  • Planning for Growth

    Growth is often seen as the path for scaling and greater mission impact, but it can also pose challenges for an organization if not fully prepared. This webinar outlines common risks associated with growth, how growth can be financed, and what nonprofits can do (and should avoid) when preparing for growth. Take home a budget template for developing multi-year projections that includes below-the-line business needs.

  • Building Long-Term Financial Health to Manage Risk and Leverage Opportunity

    A strong financial base is the foundation of adaptability and your best buffer during times of uncertainty and change. We’ll help you assess your organization’s financial risks and better understand the kinds of resources you need to manage them. We’ll also cover how to build financial strength over time to best support your mission and how to articulate your short- and long-term financial needs. Take home a multi-year budgeting template that includes below-the-line, long-term business needs.

  • Partnerships & Collaborations

    No nonprofit is an island! All our work occurs within a broad network of funders, other nonprofits, community members, and other stakeholders. Learn how to recognize the conditions for successful collaborations, evaluate alignment, assess prospects, and facilitate productive conversations with potential partners. Take home a partnership assessment worksheet.