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Financial Health Review will help get your organization started on the way to financial health. The review assesses three core elements: financial sustainability, financial reporting, and the internal controls of the organization. The careful examination of your organization’s financial health will provide an excellent opportunity for your leadership to ask important questions and build an action plan toward a more sustainable, risk-averse, and impactful future.

The consultant was able to look at the reports we had been using and advise on how we can present the information so everyone on the board can understand it and how we should use it to project for future years. She also helped us clean up how we were entering and tracking some of our data into QuickBooks, and recommended some best practices for financial oversight.

Jane Colony Mills, Executive Director, Loaves and Fishes


The Review consists of interviews with the Executive Director and/or each person involved in the accounting system, and a board member and a report presented by the consultant to the organization’s leadership team.

The consultant will be assessing the organization’s finance based on sustainability, accuracy, usability, timeliness, reliability of financial information, and internal controls appropriate to the size of the organization.

The Review will entail the following:

  • One half-day of onsite interviews with key personnel
  • Review financial policies
  • Review internal controls
  • Review current reporting structure and product
  • Review accounting systems

Upon completion of the review, the consultant will spend a half day of reflection, analysis, and reporting, to include:

  • Summary of financial strengths and weaknesses observed
  • Summary of any opportunities and threats noted
  • Recommendations for strengthening internal controls
  • Recommendations for managing or improving reporting requirements

We always strive to improve our financial conduct and health. The consultant came in for more than half a day and looked at any document and practice relating to financial sustainability and reporting, and internal controls. It was great that we could request additional areas for her to look at that we felt are challenges. With her guidance, we could learn how to improve certain financial processes.

Daniela Pretzer, Executive Director, The BridgeLine


Financial Health Review is designed for executive directors, board treasurers, and finance committee members. This program is only available to CNE member organizations.


CNE is accepting applications. Scheduling of the interviews and report will be decided upon between the consultant and the participating organization.


The cost is $250 — a reduced fee of over $1,700 thanks to CFA’s generosity. Because we do not want the price to be a barrier to this incredible program, we have made a limited number of scholarships available. Please contact us to learn more about the program or scholarships.

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Contact Director of Strategic Initiatives, Cindy Colson, for more details.

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