Financial Leadership in Practice (FLIP)

FLIP helped educate me and my co-workers about some deeper financial issues in relation to our organization. We are implementing a new financial report to the board so they are better informed about their fiduciary responsibilities and how their leadership helps guide our mission and vision.

Kathy Garstang, Director of Administration, Building Goodness Foundation

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Strong leadership is critical to ensuring organizations are financially secure and adaptable in an ever-changing environment.

Join CNE and Justin Pollock, Principal and Founder of Orgforward, in an innovative, interactive program that helps leadership use financial systems as an asset for planning strategically and targeting feedback on an organization’s effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability in creating positive change in our communities. This is what we call Financial Leadership.

FLIP brings leadership teams together to learn and develop strategies that strengthen the link between financial process and community impact. Over the course of a 2-day workshop, three follow-up tutorials, and individual organizational coaching, leadership teams explore frameworks, tools, and plans that foster stronger conversations among board and staff.

In this course participants will:

  • Learn to tie the financial, programmatic, operational, and leadership efforts of the organization together to develop a richer understanding of the organization’s impact to strengthen how financial information is used to support mission-focused decision making.
  • Review strategies that ensure that organizational leaders account for and allocate resources to effectively fulfill mission today while also reinforcing sustainability moving forward.
  • Work with their leadership team and other peers to develop strategies for implementing change, to strengthen the financial systems, processes, and communications that support organizational success.
  • Develop a Financial Leadership Action Plan throughout the seminar, leaving with clear action items and/or next steps to take within the organization(s) they represent

The FLIP workshop helped our Finance department think differently about how to present information related to our budget in a way that doesn’t intimidate or confuse our stakeholders, particularly staff and board members. Historically the budget is perceived by staff as something scary and foreign. Our work in the FLIP workshop helped our organization identify strategies to make the budget a useful, guiding tool.

2017 FLIP Participant

This in-depth program is for leadership teams of at least 2 individuals (board members, executive directors, senior finance, and program leadership) who are seeking to clarify fiduciary responsibilities, create budget processes that are engaging and support sustainability, align financial architecture and systems to outcomes, effectively report and communicate for decision making, and understand and mitigate risk.

FLIP consists of two full-day workshops, three two-hour tutorials, and one two-hour consultation.

Thanks to the generous support of the CFA Institute the total cost for the program is only $250 per organization.

Applications from organizations wishing to participate are due Spring 2019.

Please contact Program Manager, Andrew Robinson, for more information. 

***Because of the extremely discounted nature of this training, FLIP is only available to CNE members. If you are interested in learning more about the additional benefits of CNE membership, contact Membership Manager, Kadi Davis.**

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