Finance Workshops

CNE provides workshops throughout the year to increase financial literacy, decision-making, and stewardship.

Basics of Financial Literacy for Boards

One of the foremost responsibilities of a nonprofit organization is financial management and oversight. Active oversight is essential to ensuring the organization’s financial sustainability, as well as proper stewardship of the organization’s assets and resources. This important duty—the duty of financial oversight—encompasses an array of responsibilities and requires a foundation in financial literacy.

Join an experienced trainer for this interactive workshop is to develop a better understanding of the financial terminology, financial statements, and how financial statements tell a story about an organization.

This session is designed for board members, executive directors, and other professionals who are interested in learning more about nonprofit finance. We ask that all groups bring financial statements from their home organization to use in the activities.

Finance for Non-­Finance Professionals

You wear a lot of hats, including the Finance Hat. But do you have trouble wearing the Finance Hat with style? To wear the Finance Hat well there are some things you’ll need to know. And we can help.

Learn the fundamentals of finance through topics, which include: cash flow, ratios, and cash vs. accrual accounting. The facilitator will help you understand these concepts so you can understand the financial components of your job and clearly and confidently communicate financial information to others in the workplace.

In this workshop, participants will learn:

  • How financial reporting informs an organization’s strategic decisions, and
  • How to present financials in meaningful ways

This course is designed for staff members, executive directors, and board members who are responsible for an organization’s financial reporting and systems yet are not professionally trained in finance.