Whether you’re just getting started or are looking to strengthen existing collaborations, our suite of trainings will get you asking the right questions, working through challenges you’re facing, and strengthening your coalition leadership. Here are a few examples.

Mastering the Art of Collaborative Leadership

Every day we are called upon to engage in joint efforts with multiple individuals, work groups, or organizations. This is known as collaboration. Though we use the word often, and find ourselves in situations requiring it, few of us have the necessary skills, knowledge, and ability to function judiciously, strategically, and effectively as a collaborator from start to finish. This training series will change that. This program is for leaders, board members, coalition partners, and employees facing the unique challenges of collaborating in today’s world.

Join CNE’s Mary Davis Hamlin in this innovative and interactive program that will ground learning in your current experiences.

Materials covered will include:
  • Understanding subtle cooperative and competitive dynamics at play in our lives in order to act more strategically and effectively when pursuing collaborative goals
  • Understanding the forces that are compelling leaders to be more collaborative both within their organizations and with other organizations
  • Learning effective collaborative problem-solving concepts, skills, models, and strategies to support wise decision-making and collaborative leadership efforts
  • Understanding and managing power dynamics, group dynamics, conflict dynamics, and communication dynamics
  • Understanding how to prevent and get through bogged down or stuck processes


Getting the Collaborative Process Started

Groups often jump into community change activity before getting their process act together. This can result in confusion, frustration, conflict, impasse, and many false starts. Coalition members lose steam because they wonder how they can actually coexist in a structured partnering arrangement when they don’t understand it or have the language to talk about it constructively. Convening requires careful thought and joint decision-making regarding the best process for facilitating collective action.

This workshop will work with participants to answer questions including:


  • What is the general purpose of the group?
  • Who needs to be involved in initial discussions?
  • What are the various roles?
  • What are the expectations for membership?
  • Do we need a steering committee?
  • How will we make decisions?
  • How do we deal with disagreement?
  • Who is going to facilitate our sessions?
  • What information do we need to make wise decisions?
  • Is there a neutral place for us to meet?
  • How do we draft our agenda?
  • How do we bring our organization along?
  • Who speaks for the group?
  • What is our timeline and roadmap?

This workshop is open to coalition partners as well as individual participants from multiple agencies.


If you are interested in bringing one of these CoLab trainings to your coalition, please contact CNE’s Senior Consultant,
Mary Davis Hamlin.

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