As part of CoLab, CNE offers consulting services to help emerging and experienced coalitions achieve positive community outcomes.

_MG_8530_sizedWhether you are an organization that seeks support in building collaboration, a multi-sector stakeholder group that wants to explore opportunities for partnership, or an active coalition that could benefit from outside support, CNE can help.

Groups often require the services of an independent, skilled facilitator to maximize their ability to work together to accomplish shared goals.

Examples of the types of CNE consulting available to support collaborative efforts include:

  • Facilitating retreats to develop shared goals and strategies
  • Facilitating new partnership meetings to identify protocols for how the group will work together
  • Supporting a multi-sector group’s efforts to build consensus on issues ripe for joint ventures
  • Convening and facilitating partnerships to explore scenarios for sharing resources
  • Providing strategic and governance coaching to coalition leaders
  • Supporting internal organizational meetings requiring collaborative problem solving & teamwork

Thank you CNE for your professionalism, your expertise, and for your patience and understanding of the many aspects that needed to be addressed during a merger process. Thank you too for facilitating our second board meeting, outlining the roles and responsibilities of board, staff, and volunteers. Onward and upward for us all.

Roberta (Robbi) Savage, Executive Director, Rivanna Conservation Alliance


To learn more or schedule a CoLab consult, contact CNE’s Senior Consultant, Mary Davis Hamlin.

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