Inclusive Leadership Series

Do you find that your organizational culture doesn't properly reflect the values that inform your mission?

A challenge of many nonprofits and their boards is to create an internal environment that reflects the core values that are so visibly expressed to the people they serve. A core limitation is often their legacy governance structures that emphasize control, authority and compliance over empowerment, autonomy and inclusion.

This workshop series will introduce you to an example of a governance and decision‐making structure that values inclusion and autonomy and to the new mindsets and skills of “power‐with” leaders who inspire, empower and build trust among people. Participants will develop an action plan for creating cultural change within their organization.


Trainer: Gregg Kendrick, Basileia LLC
Time Frame: Dates TBD
Cost: $300 for individuals or $500 for two people from the same organization

Selected participants will attend the below sessions. Assigned homework will include writing inside and outside of sessions, with the opportunity to receive individualized feedback from the trainer.

Session One: Creating a Culture Where People Matter 

  • Understanding interpersonal conflict and organizational culture
  • Changing leadership and organizational culture
  • Connecting in the midst of conflict and valuing human needs

Session Two: Principles and Structures of the Sociocratic Circle Method 

  • Instituting circles of equals and functional hierarchies
  • Creating an inclusive decision process
  • Spreading authority, feedback, and leadership throughout the organization

Session Three: Using the Sociocratic Circle Method 

  • Facilitating a sociocratic meeting
  • Creating and electing people to roles
  • Making a consent decision on a proposal

Session Four: Developing an Action Plan 

  • Moving from your current culture to your desired culture
  • Instituting new processes or structures to enhance your governance structures and decision-making processes

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