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How can CNE membership support your organization?

Build skills and knowledge

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  • Center for Nonprofit Advancement –all skill-building webinars are only $25.
  • Nonprofit Learning Lab – $10 off any online training and free access to training kits!
  • Bloomerang – 10% discount on recurring donor management database fees for the first year subscription for new clients.
  • MoneyWise Payroll Solutions – 30% discount on payroll processing
  • Coeus Global – special pricing on background checks.
  • Idealware – 40% discount on any paid series. Idealware is a nonprofit that provides resources to help nonprofits use technology.
  • Mailing Services of Virginia – 15% off all direct mail production services.
  • Nonprofit Quarterly – $10 discount on 1-year subscriptions to print and digital access. NPQ is a nonprofit magazine that shares new trends, research, and leading practices for the nonprofit sector.

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