Leadership Transition

“A nonprofit leadership transition, diligently undertaken, provides a rich opportunity for agency renewal and for reenergizing all parties central to the agency’s success. It’s one door to ensuring that your agency has the greatest impact.”

CNE assists nonprofits at times of leadership transition. Whether addressing an immediate and unexpected leadership change, managing a planned exit, supporting a new leader or building a long-term succession plan, the transition services at CNE will help an organization maximize the transformative opportunities of leadership change.

Below is a description of the range of services offered. If you would like more information about the scope and cost of these services, please fill out the form below.


  • Facilitated Searches

    A facilitated search allows you to retain advice and guidance during a critical leadership transition while managing the search within your organization. CNE will provide services tailored to the needs of the individual nonprofit which may include: guiding board strategy conversations and organizational assessments to identify the opportunities and challenges of the role; helping structure your search and providing basic search tools; and framing conversations around and strategically preparing for candidate assessment, recruitment, and on-boarding a new hire.

    Is your nonprofit planning to run a search on its own? The Bridgespan Group has created a terrific resource to help along the way: The Nonprofit Hiring Toolkit has in-depth information about each step of the process.

  • Interim Placements

    “A skilled interim leader can dramatically up the chances that you will have a successful start to the next executive’s tenure. The time allows the agency to take full advantage of the transformative opportunities in an executive transition process.” -Tim Wolfred, Managing Executive Transitions.

    At times, an organization can benefit from a temporary leader to bridge an executive transition. An effective interim can help an organization get ready for the next permanent leader, supporting long-term success for the new executive.

    CNE will engage with a nonprofit to assess whether an interim is needed and, if so, what skills are needed in the placement. CNE will also maintain a portfolio of highly qualified professionals interested in interim placements for the organization to consider in sourcing interim candidates.

    If you would like to further explore the value of interim placements, read Interim Executive Management: Seven Benefits to Consider by Jackie Eder-Van Hook, of Transition Management Consulting.

  • Long-Term Succession Planning

    CNE will offer a succession planning training series. This series will explore best practices for board and professional staff development, how to find and groom new leaders, and the potential impact of leadership change – both in terms of opportunities that can be realized, and challenges that could be faced.

  • Onboarding

    The executive hiring process can take a lot of time and energy. But a successful hiring process does not end with a successful hire. Attention to how a new leader is introduced and brought up to speed can make a tremendous difference in the impact he or she can enact in the first years of their tenure.

    Onboarding involves appropriate information transfer, stakeholder meetings, clear communication of board priorities and expectations, and time to process information and obtain mutual feedback. The onboarding process can also clarify what areas will provide the greatest challenges for the new executive, and an opportunity to bolster guidance and support in response.

    CNE offers an onboarding service that complements its facilitated searches, but also is offered as a stand-alone service for nonprofits that have already hired a new leader.

    To learn more about onboarding, The Nonprofit Board’s Role in Onboarding and Supporting a New CEO by Lisa Walsh, Libbie Landles-Cobb, and Leah Karlins for Bridgespan is a great resource. Jackie Eder-Van Hook, of Transition Management Consulting, also explores the value of thoughtful onboarding in Welcome Aboard: Onboarding Your Next Nonprofit Executive.

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