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Collaboration for Social Change

Each of us may have a slightly different definition for what a nonprofit organization does. Still, we can all agree that nonprofits meet a need within a community. When nonprofits and their community partners join together to…

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What We’re Learning


Who “Owns” Your Nonprofit?

Few would argue against the notion that boards of directors are supposed to represent the interests of “owners.” Yet, despite the intuitive importance of specifying ownership, over 70 percent of nonprofit board members interviewed regarding…

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One of the most frequently-asked questions we hear at CNE is “how do I start a nonprofit”? From personal experience to perceived community need to a desire to share resources, people consider starting a nonprofit organization for…

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Whether under an umbrella at a lake or next to the ocean, sitting on the back porch or the downtown mall—summer calls to the outdoor reader in all of us. You will find a host of nonprofit-focused reading lists online…

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