Virginia Outdoors Foundation Forest CORE Fund

Deadline: Friday, June 28, 2019

he Forest CORE (Community Opportunities for Restoration and Enhancement) Fund for the Mountain Valley Pipeline region was established under the Virginia Outdoors Foundation TERRA Program in June 2018 using $15 million from a mitigation agreement between the Commonwealth of Virginia and Mountain Valley Pipeline, LLC. The purpose of the fund is to mitigate forest fragmentation that results from the clearing and grubbing activities along the pipeline’s three-hundred-mile right-of-way through Virginia.

To that end, the fund is accepting applications for projects that provide mitigation of forest fragmentation through a range of activities, including the prevention of deforestation, conservation of forest land, and/or restoration/enhancement of forest land within the area impacted by the pipeline.

Special consideration will be given to projects that demonstrate community connection to the forest (geographic as well as figurative), educational components focused on the forest ecosystem, community need for forest protection, and ability to aid in the community-healing process.

Through the fund, $3 million will be made available in 2019, with no maximum or minimum grant amount restriction.

To be eligible, projects must be located within a reasonable proximity to, and the same terrestrial ecoregion as, the location of the forest impacts. Projects must also achieve the durable protection, conservation, restoration, and/or enhancement of forest habitats similar to those adversely impacted by the pipeline, and be in addition to any current or planned governmental project or requirement or any private preservation project for which there is already designated public or private funding.

Eligible applicants include state and federal agencies; localities, public bodies, park authorities, planning district commissions, regional public access authorities, tribal councils, and soil and water conservation districts; and charitable corporations, associations, or trusts declared exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.