Pathway to a Healthy Organization

CNE’s Pathway to a Healthy Organization program includes two parts: 1) an online diagnostic assessment and 2) follow-up consulting by CNE staff.


We compile your assessment results and present a report and recommendations to you to help identify your strengths and opportunities, and plan how best to capitalize on them for future development.


The benefits of using this tool are:

Gives an organization the opportunity to step back from its everyday business and reflect on how well it’s meeting its responsibilities.

Determines particular areas that are strongest and those that need improvement.

Specifies priority areas that will guide the development of an annual workplan.

Informs the strategic planning process.

Provides a baseline framework to measure improvement in organizational capacity over time.

We also can connect you with targeted tools and resources to help get you started on your path to organizational health.

Photo by Andrea Hubbell

Member cost is $575 and non-member cost is $690. There is no cost to nonprofits in the Cameron Foundation service area.

Contact Senior Strategic Partnership Managers, Kadi Davis, for more details or to find your Pathway to Organizational Health.

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