Consultant & Service Provider Directory Application

Thank you for applying to be listed in our Consultant & Service Provider Directory. CNE makes no assurances that inclusion in this online resource will directly result in work for you or your organization. However, we frequently encourage our membership to review and utilize the directory in support of their ongoing work.

We ask that you please respect our members by not broadly soliciting work from them or misrepresenting your relationship with CNE.

  • Applicant Information

    To ensure that we have the most accurate and detailed directory, please take the time to provide detailed information and try to list contact information that will remain current for at least a full year.
  • References

    Please list 2–3 references that CNE may follow-up with. These organizations will be included in your directory listing to give our members a sense of who you’ve worked with. While not required, we do find that the inclusion of local references is important to many of our members so we encourage you to do so when possible.
  • Areas of Expertise

  • Additional Questions

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