Service Learning Practicum with UVa Computer Science

Organization: University of Virginia Computer Science Department
Time frame: Applications due by August 31st
Contact Person: Aaron Bloomfield, Associate Professor
Contact Email: aaron@virginia.edu

The UVa Computer Science department is looking for nonprofit organizations to participate in the 6th consecutive year of the Service Learning Practicum (SLP): http://slp.cs.virginia.edu. During the 2017-2018 school year, groups of students will work on a software project in the same manner as a professional development company. Project groups will consist of 6-8 students in their 4th year, with myself and another faculty (and others) overseeing all the projects. The projects span the entire school year with students starting in the fall and delivering the finished projects in the spring.

The software must have sufficient complexity for a group of 6-8 computing majors. Some examples of possible software systems include: personnel management, volunteer-nonprofit communications, asset tracking, scheduling system, website login portals, etc. Descriptions of prior year projects can be found on the SLP website (http://slp.cs.virginia.edu) and may help you identify a potential project at your organization. While we expect most of the software to be web-based, it is certainly not a requirement. We are happy to discuss what constitutes a valid project, if you are unsure.

Please note that there are some requirements for such a project: the nonprofit needs to benefit the community in some way, etc. Please see http://slp.cs.virginia.edu/nonprofits.php for details.

You must be willing to dedicate some time to the development of this system. Typically, this means a regular bi-weekly meeting with the students, as well as providing feedback and describing requirements. We do not expect you to have any computing or software engineering knowledge.

If you are interested in working with the Service Learning Practicum, please read the application description page (http://slp.cs.virginia.edu/application.php) and fill out the on-line application (linked to from that application page) by the end of August.

Last year we had an overwhelming response with many organizations submitting ideas. Once you submit your application, it will likely not be until September before we are able to respond. It takes us a few weeks to fully define each project’s requirements and scope and we will not know exactly which organizations we will be working with until then. Whether we are able to work on the project or not, we will definitely be back in touch.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or issues with the application. The best way to contact is via our SLP email at slp@virginia.edu.

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