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Blue Ridge Abortion Fund

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Blue Ridge Abortion Fund ( BRAF) is a non-profit staffed by local volunteers to provide emotional & financial support to Virginian women who need abortions. We has been active since 1990. Our mission affirms women as decision-makers & trusts a woman’s ability to make reproductive choices for herself & her family. In many cases, BRAAF pays part of the clinic bill when a woman is unable to raise the full cost of her abortion procedure. BRAF pays the clinic directly after the procedure has been performed. We also provide public educational programs. Find us online at blueridgeabortionfund.org,  check our Facebook page and on Twitter:@BRAF_VA. State Employees can donate  to Blue Ridge AF through the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign- our code # is 07949. If you have questions or to find out about volunteering, please call our voice mail 434-963-0669.