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BONDS - Brothers Obtaining and Navigating Dynamic Solidarity

Address 453 Cardinal Drive
Harrisonburg, Virginia 22801
Phone (919) 717-5712
Website http://www.brothersofbonds.org
Primary Contact Elmore Dyer
Primary Email ldyer@brothersofbonds.org
Executive Director E. Lee Dyer IV
Primary Focus Area Civic
Service Areas
  • Statewide
  • National

Mission Statement

BONDS operates with the mission of cultivating leadership and providing sustainable tools and resources for transmasculine populations.


Brothers Obtaining and Navigating Dynamic Solidarity (BONDS) is a Black Trans-led organization which specializes in leadership development for transmasculine communities, and LGBTQIA inclusion consulting. Through a multi-tiered approach of our pillars Advocacy, Outreach, and Empowerment we provide visibility and education at the intersection of transmasculine identities, leadership, and identity development.

We have a constituency base in Virginia and the District of Columbia in which transmasculine communities face high levels of disparity due to lack of access to healthcare, job opportunities, and housing. Our primary goal is to offer practical solutions through our educational, social, and leadership programming to empower transmasculine populations, promote safety, and foster leadership opportunities in Transmasculine communities. Through our programming we have served over 500 transmen and transmasculine folx, which 70% also identify as BIPOC. In addition, over 30% of our BONDS constituents are adversely affected by survival sex work, lack of employment, and below the national income averages.

Bonds operates with the mission to cultivate TRANSformative leadership and provide sustainable tools and resources for TRANSmasculine communities.

Key Programs

Program 1
Title:Transmen and Transmasculine Week of Affirmation and Resilience
Description:A programmatic summit focused on issues Transmen and Transmasculine folks face. The summit features panel discussions, workshops, social, and networking opportunities. This week of events aims to build community and provide connections to resources for Transmen and Transmasculine Folx attending the events, as well as the trans community as a whole.
Examples of Program Success:We have had 2 successful years of the conference, reaching 200+ participants.
Total Program Budget:50,000
Category:Education and Advocacy
Program 2
Title:The BONDS V.I.S.I.O.N Program
Description:The BONDS V.I.S.I.O.N Program is a comprehensive community level intervention program addressing educational and vocational training, life skills development, safety planning, and healthcare needs through peer-to-peer relationships designed to empower transgender and gender nonbinary communities.
The VISION program aims to reduce risk factors for substance abuse, unaddressed mental health needs, and violence while teaching clients how to achieve financial independence, navigate healthcare systems, and connect to human services resources.