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Address PO Box 5009
Charlottesville, Virginia 22905
Phone (434) 282-5598
Website https://www.step-fwd.org/
Primary Contact Sunny Choi
Primary Email support@step-fwd.org
Primary Focus Area Social Service
Service Areas
  • Albemarle
  • Charlottesville

Mission Statement

To reach out into the community of Charlottesville and surrounding areas to identify and support those who strongly aspire to an overall life purpose, goal, or dream.


We support and facilitate the progress of highly motivated individuals in challenging circumstances such as low-income or refugee households, who may lack guidance or resources to work toward their short and long term goals as well as their lifelong aspirations. They may be held back by basic needs or the constraints of a new language or culture, but also by lack of connection, mentoring, and encouragement. We are a small group of volunteers seeking to identify and work with such individuals and to help them meet or get a step closer to their goals.

We are referral-based and get potential clients from teachers, tutors, mentors or our partner agencies. We meet with the referring person first, access the client’s needs and our ability to help before we directly engage with the potential client. Once we meet and commit to work with the client, one of us will pair with the client to help map out steps on a path that will lead them toward their chosen purpose.

StepForward embraces human differences and is against all forms of discrimination based on biases.