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The Love No Ego Foundation

Address P.O. Box 7134
Charlottesville, Virginia 22906
Phone (434) 262-0442
Primary Contact Frederick Jackson
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Executive Director Frederick Jackson
Primary Focus Area Children/Youth (non-education)
Service Areas
  • Albemarle
  • Buckingham
  • Charlottesville
  • Fluvanna
  • Greene
  • Louisa
  • Madison
  • Nelson
  • Orange
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Mission Statement

The LoveNoEgo Foundation provides positive universal development for the youth and young adults ages 10-24, utilizing its principles, Love over Ego, Love over Fear, & Communication over Conflict, helping them to overcome challenges, find purpose, and live their true greatness.


Via the services of Motivational Speaking, Workshops, Mentoring, and Athletic Training, we aim to empower the youth and young adults to be the best version of themselves daily. We believe that every youth should have the tools to make positive decisions and create positive experiences, giving them sustainable inspiration to live their best life.

Key Programs

Program 1
Title:Motivational Speaking
Description:Boosting the morale and esteem of the whole environment including: Schools - Colleges - Universities - Athletic Teams - Treatment Facilities - Churches - Community Events
Examples of Program Success:Uplifting the environment
Creates and promotes cohesion
Promotes acceptance of others
Motivates to be and do better
Program 2
Description:In-depth collaboration and communication addressing the everyday pressures of our youth. Teaching Life Skills Necessary For Young People To Achieve and Sustain Success in Every Area of Life.
Examples of Program Success:Understanding to challenges
Managing of peer and societal pressures
Clarity of their great ability
Program 3
Description:One on one and group sessions providing the tools for true and sustainable growth.
Examples of Program Success:A Sense of Belonging: understanding and acceptance of why and how our youth are already great and meant for greatness

Peer Pressure: how being the best You reduces the pressure to conform, fit in, or compare oneself to others

Organization: how to set, plan, and create positive experiences.

Internal Conflict and Esteem: how to improve spiritual, physical, and mental fitness (overall wellness).

More accepting to challenges
Respect and humility for what is
More creativity and a desire to grow
Sustainable and consistent motivation
More positive attitude
Goal Accomplishment
Program 4
Title:Atheltic Training
Description:Utilizing fitness to build purposeful lives
Examples of Program Success:Health benefits such as:
Improved Brainpower and Higher IQ
Reduced Risk of Diabetes
Improved Immune System Function
Improved Sleep and Mood
Stronger Bones
Weight Loss
Increased Energy Levels


Goal Achievement (making his/her sport team)
Proper Instruction
Accountability and Efficiency
Motivation and Positive Attitude
Helps Participants Go Beyond Wins and Losses