Member Directory

Trinity Episcopal Church

Address 1118 Preston Avenue Trinity Episcopal Church
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
Phone (143) 429-3315
Website http://breadandroses.trinityepiscopalcville.org
Primary Contact Cass Bailey
Primary Email office@trinityepiscopalcville.org
Primary Focus Area Hunger/Housing/Poverty
Service Areas
  • Albemarle
  • Charlottesville

Mission Statement

The vision statement of Trinity's Bread & Roses Program is to transform the ways we acquire, cook, and relate to the food we eat.


Bread & Roses, the new outreach ministry of Trinity Episcopal Church, works in the Charlottesville community to support teaching the individual skills of cooking, gardening, and nutrition choices necessary for a healthy and just community food system. Bread & Roses seeks to restructure the culture around food: how it is grown, prepared, and shared. We realize that this large transformation toward a more equitable and local food system will be made by smaller shifts, and we work to facilitate these steps by using our outdoor space for organic gardens and our commercial kitchen for classes and micro food businesses, and by collaborating to share resources with other community organizations.

In 2012 the Trinity congregation began investigating the relationship between food, faith, and justice by sponsoring awareness-raising events. In 2014, support from within and beyond the parish enabled extensive renovations of the existing kitchen and installation of garden beds around the Trinity property. In 2015 we hired a program coordinator to manage the Bread & Roses gardens and kitchen. We partnered with another nonprofit, City of Promise, to start a new community garden for a public housing neighborhood. To develop the kitchen ministry, Bread & Roses collaborated with other local organizations to offer cooking classes, recipe demonstrations, and other educational activities to low income and refugee populations, and began renting the kitchen to local food micro-enterprises. We are looking forward to further program development in 2016: continuing to support City of Promise community garden, hosting cooking and gardening classes, developing a mobile kitchen for cooking demonstrations at other locations, and participating in the Charlottesville Food Justice Network.