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Youth Orchestras of Central Virginia

Address P. O. Box 4845
Charlottesville, Virginia 22901
Phone (434) 466-4093
Website http://www.yocva.org
Primary Contact Megan Gray
Primary Email yocva.ed@gmail.com
Executive Director Megan Gray
Primary Focus Area Arts and Humanities
Service Areas
  • Augusta
  • Albemarle
  • Buckingham
  • Charlottesville
  • Fluvanna
  • Greene
  • Louisa
  • Madison
  • Nelson
  • Orange

Mission Statement

For more nearly 40 years the Youth Orchestras of Central Virginia has provided the area’s only full-season symphony orchestra experience—strings and winds together—for youth in more than seven counties and municipalities. YOCVA comprises two full symphony orchestras, flute and clarinet ensembles, and a junior strings program. Our talent development spans elementary through high school, where, as a Youth Symphony member, students perform original masterworks. The competition is keen for the audition-only membership in the two orchestras, and the training is rigorous with full season weekly rehearsals and three concerts per year. Reaching musicians from diverse backgrounds and academic settings, YOCVA brings young artists together in a mutual, musical learning environment which enriches the arts in our community.

Founded as an outreach organization of the Charlottesville Symphony at the University of Virginia, today we complement public school programs reinforcing student development. YOCVA students frequently claim the highest honors in District, Regional, and State competitions. YOCVA also offers an avenue to private and home-schooled children who do not have access to other programs.

Vision and Values
Any committed musician with the requisite talent and training, regardless of their academic environment or economic condition, should have the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential. Our organization believes that with diversity we not only enrich the arts experience but also broaden personal development of our youth and quality of life in our community. We offer the highest level of professional artistic leadership to students and should provide an experience where there is no barrier to talent.



Youth Symphony

The Youth Symphony, our senior orchestra founded in 1977, consists of approximately 50 members ranging from grades 9 to 12, performing original orchestral masterworks. Audition required.
Megan Gray, Strings Coordinator
James Tobin, Winds Coordinator

Rita M Evans Orchestra

The Rita M. Evans Orchestra was founded in 1984 and consists of approximately 60 middle school and junior high musicians, performing arranged orchestral works. Audition required.

Alicia Tobin, Director.
Robert Dunnenberger, Winds Director, Walker Middle School, Winds and Brass coach.


The Junior Strings Program

Junior Strings began in 2002 as a preparatory string orchestra consisting of approximately 30 members. It develops beginner string players and prepares them for future membership with the Evans and Youth Symphony Orchestras. The Junior Strings showcases why music begins with us. No audition required.
Emily Thomas Waters, Director.

Flute Choirs

The Flute Choirs were added in 2001. They consist of approximately 30 members, who range in age from elementary to high school-aged musicians and are grouped by ability into two ensembles: The Flute Choir and The Flute Ensemble.
Angela Kelly, Director.

Clarinet Ensemble

The Clarinet Ensemble joined the YOCVA family in 2006. It consists of eight clarinetists of all ages and offers an opportunity to perform classical and orchestral clarinet repertoires.
James Tobin, Director.

Key Programs

Program 1
Title:Monticello Holiday Tours
Description:Ensembles perform yearly for various events at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. Youth Orchestra musicians provide theme and period music for:
The 4th Of July
Holiday Open House during Thanksgiving weekend and
December's Holiday Evening Tours
Examples of Program Success:Management at the Thomas Jefferson Foundation credit the Youth Orchestras with the success of the holiday tours every year. During the 2015-2016 season these tours were sold out with high accolades for these musicians.
Total Program Budget:YOCVA musicians provide these performance as a community service
Program 2

Giving Opportunities

Opportunity 1
Title:Donations accepted year-round
Description:Donations for support of all operations and especially our scholarship fund. We provide opportunities for those students in need.

Music begins with us!
Project Timeline2016-2017 Season
Opportunity 2
Opportunity 3
Opportunity 4
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