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Address 2250 Old Ivy Road, #2
Charlottesville, VA 22903
Phone (434) 971-4096
Website http://wnrn.org
Primary Contact Mark Keefe
Primary Email mkeefe@wnrn.org
Primary Focus Area Arts and Humanities
Service Areas
  • Statewide

Mission Statement

WNRN is an independent nonprofit music radio station based in Charlottesville. WNRN’s mission is to strengthen communities through music, art and education.


Since we went on the air in 1996 (incorporated in 1993), WNRN has served the community of central Virginia by offering non-commercial, alternative music programming and informational content that promotes community engagement for a diverse population of all ages. Listeners are active, educated homeowners, with about average incomes and ethnically represent the demographic of the area it reaches via its seven signals. The station is known for “music discovery” and presents national, regional and local bands on a regular basis.

Key Programs

Program 1
Title:Hear Together
Description:As part of our continuing mission to inspire volunteerism and raise awareness about the issues facing our community, WNRN radio broadcasts 8760 public service announcements each year. The award-winning program, called “Hear Together”, gives over $300,000 in free airtime to area regional non-profit organizations. The 100 Charlottesville/Albemarle non-profit organizations featured in these public service announcements serve the diverse needs of local residents. “Hear Together” encompasses three different programs on WNRN. While each of the programs are stylistically different, all three involve WNRN working directly with the non-profit organizations to bring supporters to their events and to be a part of their programs as volunteers. The programs are “Community Connections”, “Culture Connections”, and “Hear Together Profiles”.
Examples of Program Success:In June 2015, the Community Connections feature was awarded the Virginia Association of Broadcasters Best Public Service/Community Service Award for 2015.
Category:Public Service