Member Directory

Sexual Assault Resource Agency (SARA)

Address 335 Greenbrier Drive, Suite 102
Charlottesville, Virginia 22901
Phone (434) 295-7273
Website http://www.saracville.org
Primary Contact Renee Branson
Primary Email director@saracville.org
Executive Director Rebecca Weybright
Primary Focus Area Violence Prevention/Legal Justice
Service Areas

Mission Statement

The mission of the Sexual Assault Resource Agency (SARA) is to eliminate sexual violence and its impact by providing education, advocacy and support to men, women and children. Our vision is a community free from sexual violence.


We serve anyone who has experienced or cares about someone who has experienced any kind of sexual violence, including rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual molestation, incest, sex trafficking, stalking, sexual harassment or unwanted touching.

Services are provided free to all survivors, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, age, economic status, education, parenthood, physical and/or mental abilities, national origin, immigration/documentation status or any other status.

List of Support Services:
•24-Hour Crisis Hotline
•Trauma-informed Therapy (Including EMDR)
•Emergency Room Advocacy
•Legal System Advocacy
•Support Groups
•Therapeutic Horse and Farm Camp for Young Girls
•Counseling and Advocacy for Non-Offending Parents and Families of Abused Children

We also provide programs primary prevention education to our community. Our focus is on child development and social norms change. We work primarily with schools, institutions, and parents.

List of Prevention Services:
•School/Organizational Policy Review and Training
•Faculty Training
•Long-term Consulting for Schools
•Parent Workshops
•Multi-Session Classroom-based Learning, grades 4-12
•Peer Education Clubs
•After-School Athlete Advocacy Training

Key Programs

Program 1
Title:Direct Services
Description:Survivor services are available to anyone affected by sexual violence, including parents, caregivers, and friends. (We do not serve offenders.)

A sampling of services are listed below:

•24-Hour Crisis Hotline
•Trauma-informed Therapy (Including EMDR)
•Emergency Room Advocacy, available 24/7
•Legal System Advocacy
•Support Groups
•Therapeutic Horse and Farm Camp for Young Girls
•Counseling and Advocacy for Non-Offending Parents and Families of Abused Children
Program 2
Title:Prevention Education
Description:SARA currently provides 2- to 4-year consulting to assist schools as they develop prevention education programs for their students. Our Prevention Education staff draw from the most recent research and most effective curricula to build teacher training, classroom-based violence prevention education, after-school clubs, policy improvement, and more.

At each school, we provide a range of programs to impact students’ lives from a variety of angles. We know that students are shaped by their environment, so we help all the people who make up their environment find ways to foster healthy development.
Program 3
Title:Get Involved
Description:SARA could not provide caring, supportive and dependable 24/7 Hotline service to the community without its committed and compassionate Hotline Volunteers. Our well-trained volunteers provide information, referrals and crisis intervention to survivors and their families and supporters on SARA’s 24-hour hotline.

All potential Hotline Volunteers must submit a completed application form. Upon review, SARA’s volunteer coordinator will contact applicants to schedule interviews. Volunteers are required to participate in one of our 32-hour, bi-annual Hotline Volunteer Training Programs. In addition to completing an application and completing training, potential volunteers must consent to a criminal background check.

For more information, please contact Anne Katherine Boozer at ak@saracville.org or at (434) 295-7273 ext. 123.

Giving Opportunities

Opportunity 1
Title:Donate Now
Description:Every donation we receive plays a fundamental role in our work to end sexual violence. Below are some of the ways your donation helps:

$20 keeps our hotline running for a day.
$30 provides a new set of clothes for a victim seen at the ER whose clothes are collected as evidence.
$125 provides a therapy session for a child or adult victim of sexual violence.
$150 provides a full day of prevention programming to a local school.

Option 1: Donate Online http://saracville.org/involved/donate
Use your credit card or PayPal account to make an online donation.

Option 2: Donate by Check

Mail check donations to:
Sexual Assault Resource Agency
335 Greenbrier Drive, Suite 102
Charlottesville, VA 22901

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