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Offender Aid & Restoration - Jefferson Area Community Corrections (OAR)

Address 750 Harris Street
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
Phone (434) 296-2441
Website http://www.oar-jacc.org
Primary Contact Ross Carew
Primary Email rcarew@oar-jacc.org
Executive Director Ross Carew
Primary Focus Area Violence Prevention/Legal Justice
Service Areas
  • Albemarle
  • Charlottesville
  • Fluvanna
  • Greene
  • Louisa
  • Madison
  • Nelson
  • Orange
  • Goochland

Mission Statement

The purpose of the OAR/Jefferson Area Community Corrections Program is to assist individuals who are arrested, imprisoned or released from incarceration to gain and retain self-respecting, self-sustaining and crime-free lifestyles. To further this purpose, the agency shall endeavor:
 To reduce the rate of incarceration, especially for non-violent crimes, whenever constructive alternatives are possible;
 To encourage offenders to become responsible members of their family and the community and to recompense victims and society;
 To reduce the negative effects of incarceration and provide prisoners and their families opportunities for positive personal development;
 To support the offender’s transition from incarceration to a self-sufficient, crime-free life; and
 To inform the public and promote its support of a more effective and compassionate criminal justice system.


OAR services 9 local jurisdictions with an array of services that support and improve the functioning of the criminal justice system. OAR, a recognized leader in Community Corrections has served as a pilot site for numerous progressive initiatives. OAR is focused on three major areas of services:
Court Services including Pretrial, Drug Court and Local Probation as low cost alternatives to incarceration and each is designed to ensure public safety while addressing accountability
Reentry Services including pre and post release focus on assisting offenders and their families to make the transition from incarceration to the community
Collaborative Services includes Restorative Justice and Criminal Justice Planning

Key Programs

Program 1
Title:Court Services Programs
Description:Local Probation: The primary focus of this program is to divert local responsible offenders (misdemeanors and class 5 and 6 felons) from the local jails and require them to complete the following court ordered conditions: community service, payment of restitution and/or court costs, and any specific treatment interventions. Typical treatment interventions include substance abuse treatment and drug and alcohol screening, domestic violence intervention, substance abuse education, anger management, and mental health counseling. The Local Probation Program is designed to ensure the offender’s strict compliance with the court’s order while assisting the offender to address specific issues with the goal of reducing recidivism.
Pretrial Services: The fundamental focus of this program is to reduce the number of defendants held in the local jails prior to their trial and to ensure that the system is equitable. By providing timely and accurate background investigative information on a defendant, the OAR Pretrial Program assists local judges in making more informed release and bond decisions. Pretrial Services also provides community supervision to defendants released on bond in order to ensure compliance with specific court-ordered conditions.
Drug Court: The Drug Court Program provides drug treatment and intensive supervision to drug offenders and drug related felony larceny offenders in the Circuit Courts of Charlottesville and Albemarle County. It is designed to enhance public safety by focusing on the treatment needs of local, non-violent adults charged with drug-related offenses who are drug addicted. The goal is to stop the abuse of illegal drugs and alcohol and related criminal activity resulting from such abuse.
Examples of Program Success:• Higher success rates than the state average (78% vs. 73%)
• Recovered $187,000 in restitution for crime victims
• Higher success rates than the state average (90% vs. 84%)
• Averted 719 unnecessary pretrial detentions of defendants
• 59% of participants experienced no relapse to substance abuse
• 80% of program graduates remain crime free for two years post program entry
• Saved over $5.8 million in local jail bedspace costs across 3 court programs

Total Program Budget:$1,355,754
Category:Criminal Justice Alternatives
Program 2
Title:Reentry Services
Description:The Reentry Program was the first program offered at OAR in 1971. This program focuses on the reintegration of incarcerated adults into the community. The goal of this program is to provide a network of transitional and reentry services targeted to the offender population to reduce the barriers to successful reintegration into the community. Throughout this last year, our program continued to make strides to be on the forefront of community-based Reentry programs in Virginia. As our program moves forward, we look to implement evidence based practices and principles to reach our ultimate goal: ensuring our clients have the opportunity for success. These practices revolve around “what works” in helping to reduce recidivism. Our Reentry program provides reentry services that match the needs of both the pre-release inmate and post-release ex-offender population.
Examples of Program Success:• Saved over $162,000 in local jail costs
• 69% of active job seekers found employment within 90 days
• 76% of those employed maintained employment for 90 days
• One year jail rebooking rate of 9% for those that began employment
Total Program Budget:$304,364
Category:Criminal Justice
Program 3
Examples of Program Success:

Giving Opportunities

Opportunity 1
Title:Reentry Services
Description:Reentry provides services to offenders as they return to the community.
Project TimelineAnnual
Opportunity 2

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