OrganizationEmergency Food Network Charlottesville Albemarle (EFN)
Contact Phone Number(434) 960-8744
Primary Focus AreaHunger/Housing/Poverty
Service AreasAlbemarle, Charlottesville
Year Organization Established1973
Number of Paid Staff-1
Current Operating Budget196,317
Board Meeting FrequencyQuarterly: March, June, September and December
City In Which Board Meetings Are HeldCharlottesville

Board Position type

Development Chair

Desired skills, perspectives, experiences, and characteristics of new board members

Responsible for:
·Cultivation and stewardship of donors. This includes both personal thanking of donors
and creating opportunities for meeting our donors.
·Grants and grant timeline. Seek new grant opportunities and better cultivate our
existing grant network. Grant-writing is a shared collaboration with our Chair and
First Vice Chair.
·Annual appeal letter, sent in early November. Analyze the database to manage the
appeal distribution list, working with the Office Manager; draft the letter (with board
input) and coordinate the letter’s printing and mailing.
·Events (for stewardship and fundraising). Historically we have not done big, splashy events; we
like smaller events that show donor and volunteer appreciation.
·Meetings with the already-established Development Committee. You will chair this
committee, which provides brainstorming support and manpower for projects. You
will also work closely with the Chair, Outreach Chair and Donor Appreciation
·Member of board’s Executive Committee.
·Attendance at our quarterly board meetings (March, June, September and
December), with an Executive Committee meeting immediately preceding the board

Annual Time Commitment (including committee meetings, special events, work outside the board, etc.)

The time commitment is flexible and is mostly self-determined by the Development Chair. The board meetings, four times per year, are between one and one-and-a-half hours; the exec. committee meetings are a half hour long; and the development committee meetings will be scheduled and determined by the Development Chair. Any work on grants is long-range and manageable; we also have on-board support for grant-writing.

Is a minimum financial contribution required?


Board Financial Commitment

There is no minimum requirement; we just ask that every board member give something.

Prior Board experience preferred?


Does the Board have term limits?


Additional Information

Emergency Food Network’s board is a working board of 20-22 members. Aside from some of the executive committee (Chair, Secretary and Treasurer), our board members are responsible for overseeing the operations of our food pantry operation. Many of them also serve as volunteers in the office or distribution. Everyone cares passionately about our mission of providing food for the needy, no questions asked, in Charlottesville and Albemarle County.

Does The Organization have Directors & Officer's insurance?