10 Good Things






On May 31, 2017 with rain and shine at the IX Art Park, we celebrated CNE’s 10th anniversary and strong nonprofits by spotlighting 10 Good Things in our community and the role that nonprofits play in each.  We supplied the pen and paper, and you gave us your ideas – both aspirational and practical – for how we can all get and stay engaged in what’s good in our community. (And if you couldn’t be there to join us, we welcome your ideas!)

We invite you to explore the community responses below which, we hope, will inspire you to take action.  Of course, these aren’t the only good things or ways to get involved in building a strong, vibrant community, but they’re a great start. Special thanks to our 10 Good Things Ambassadors for the night, and to everyone who discussed, debated and shared such creative ideas. You inspire us.

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