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Things to Look Out For

Local Spotlight

Keep an eye out for Local Spotlights which describe how local coalitions have done the work!

Lessons Learned

The Resources link will direct you to articles, tools and templates that you can use right now!

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Look out for Lessons Learned from local practitioners doing this work!











Get Started - Impact to Action: A Coalition-Building Roadmap







Side Trips


Ready! – This section guides you in assessing whether you have the basic requirements for an effective coalition. It details how to ensure a firm foundation by conducting several key assessments. Next, it presents how to conduct needs assessments and details the purpose, scope and types of needs assessments. If you are trying to determine your organization’s readiness, whether a coalition is the right model and whether the environment is primed for the benefit of a coalition, the Ready! section is for you!


Set! – This section describes essential building blocks coalitions need for success. It details how to set a frame for creating a coalition vision, mission and goals. It guides you through planning for impact by addressing why it is hard to measure and what models can be used to help. Finally, it will guide you through how to harness resources, focus on governance, and commit to systems leadership. If you are ready to form a coalition and are seeking guidance on how to establish the building blocks for success, the Set! section is for you!

Go! – This section guides you in effectively manage a coalition by tracking productivity and impact and engaging in data driven strategic planning. It guides how to: survey coalition health, make committees accountable, communicate effectively, and sustain resources. Finally, it details how to: prepare data, measure productivity and impact, and make committee meetings productive. If  you are ready and set and seeking guidance on how to move through the day-to-day processes of coalition work, the Go! section is for you!

Side Trips! – This section allows you to take various side trips.  You can explore the Key Virtual Resources that were used in the making of the Coalition-Building Roadmap. This section details local coalitions that are involved in the work, for your reference. Further, it provides a summary of all Lessons Learned from working with local coalitions. Finally, it provides a section on how to know when working with a consultant is the right move for your coalition. If you are looking for information on each of these, the Side Trips! section is for you!


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