CNE PSI Coalition Health Assessment

This Coalition Health Assessment is designed to gather information about the strengths, challenges and next steps for your coalition. This survey should be given to all members of the coalition; it can be given as often as desired – annually is recommended. Responses should be graphed so that they can be discussed and action steps can be taken in needed areas.

The assessment should be taken by the main representative to the coalition from each participating organization.

  • Member Role

  • History

  • Quality of Partnerships

  • 4. As a partner in the coalition, has your organization signed a partnership agreement or a similar document?
  • Value of Partnership

  • Coalition Governance and Leadership

  • Coalition Funding

  • Funding for Partner Organizations

  • Coalition Strategic Planning and Direction

  • Data Driven Decision Making

  • Community Engagement and Collective Advocacy

  • Coalition Culture and Climate

  • Ways Forward