CNE Media Guide

Nonprofits thrive on community engagement and support, which requires regular communication. Even as nonprofits know this, staff are busy, budgets are tight, and nonprofits are facing audiences with increasingly short attention spans and what can feel like an overwhelming number of communication channels.

Building an annual organizational communications plan can help ensure the efficient use of resources to get the right messages out to the right audiences throughout the year.

Nonprofits should explore opportunities for media coverage to gain attention and visibility. Radio, print, and TV media are great resources to share your organization’s story, to highlight specific causes, to raise community awareness, or to promote upcoming events.

CNE’s up-to-date Media Guide is available to navigate the opportunities for local sources of television, radio, and print media in our region. The Guide consists of a comprehensive collection of contact information for these sources, including PSA submission quick links, online calendars, and email lists, whenever you may need them.

The Guide is available for $50. Please contact CNE if you would like to purchase a copy. CNE members can download the Guide for free by logging into the CNE website, a link to the guide will be in the right-hand column of your user dashboard.