Change Management

Topics Covered

Strategies for successfully managing change in an organization

A framework to identify the most important aspects of the change and how to inspire others to join in the change effort

A set of questions to ask to understand what is the greatest barrier for those involved to embrace the change

Associated Faculty

Kienzle.color_Kelly Kienzle

Founder, Open Circle Coaching

Kelly Kienzle, founder of Open Circle Coaching, provides leadership coaching and professional development workshops to individuals and teams to improve organizational performance in the private, public and nonprofit sectors. Kelly is a people development specialist with over 20 years… Read More

Materials and Readings


Required Reading

Supplemental Reading (Optional)

  • Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail (Article)
  • Getting to Yes by Fisher & Ury (Book-not provided)
  • Immunity to Change by Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey (Book-not provided)
  • Managing Transitions by William Bridges (Book-not provided)