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Tell Us How We Can Support You

Like you, we see the good we do through our daily interactions with the people and organizations we serve. We also ask participants in trainings and those of you who engage CNE for consulting to provide feedback on your experience. This is…

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Mother Knows Best

Although we don’t always want to admit it, moms do know what they’re talking about. As we remembered and celebrated the ladies who have taught us most of what we know last weekend, we wanted to share some of the wisdom they…

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New Member Benefit: Risk Management!

A data breach. An embezzlement. We would like to think it will never happen to us or the organizations we love, but it happens.

Making sure that your organization is managing its risk exposures is vital.  This article—A…

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Leadership Coaching

Are you an organization going through a transition in leadership, management, or staff? Are you a nonprofit professional seeking to maximize your potential and identify a clear path to your goals?…

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CNE is excited to launch 7 Actionable Principles for a Strong Social Sector!

We encourage you to check out the site and you can find a recording of our launch town hall here.

CNE Members: Schedule a complimentary hour of support and coaching around the 7 Actionable Principles here.