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Let’s Celebrate the Good Things

Each summer, CNE throws a party to celebrate the important work of nonprofits in our community. It’s an opportunity to say thank you. And it’s an opportunity to come together -…

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Leadership Transitions

At CNE, we know that one of the most significant and pivotal moments for an organization is when it faces a change in leadership.  An Executive Director – and other…

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Finance Academy Launch



CNE is currently accepting indications of interest from regional nonprofits to participate when the Finance Academy launches later this year. The Finance Academy is designed as a…

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Leadership Throughout the Life of an Organization

Organizations grow and change. We can understand this change in terms of a life cycle with organizations being characterized as “start-up,” “adolescent,” “mature,” “stagnant,” or “defunct.” Ideally, an organization moves smoothly as it progresses from…

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We’re celebrating our members!

In May 2007, CNE accepted its 100th member. Today, CNE has nearly 250 nonprofit members working in over 16 focus areas. Their reach extends from Charlottesville, 10 neighboring counties,…

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A Nonprofit’s Role in Advocacy

Last week, we wrote about the need to work together to create a resilient community. This week, we’ve seen an excellent example of this. On Tuesday, a collection of non-profit organizations…

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Why Collaboration Matters

As a sector, we work toward a common purpose: a resilient community. A resilient community consists of individuals working together to ensure that as many of its members as possible…

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Get Ready to Step Into the Spotlight!

mic_crop2Organizations that are on the front lines of environmental and social issues find themselves managing crises and advocating for others who are not handed the mic. When the reporter comes to…

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Grant Write With Gusto!

grant_writingIt’s a new day at your nonprofit. As you scroll through dozens of emails, a congratulatory notice emerges. You’ve been awarded a grant! Memory of the grueling application process trickles…

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Is Your Compensation On Par

moneyIs your nonprofit staff receiving fair and comparable compensation for their good work? The 2016 CNE Salary and Benefits Report can help you determine that. A valuable tool for just…

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