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Collaboration for Social Change

Each of us may have a slightly different definition for what a nonprofit organization does. Still, we can all agree that nonprofits meet a need within a community. When nonprofits and their community partners join together to…

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One of the most frequently-asked questions we hear at CNE is “how do I start a nonprofit”? From personal experience to perceived community need to a desire to share resources, people consider starting a nonprofit organization for…

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Whether under an umbrella at a lake or next to the ocean, sitting on the back porch or the downtown mall—summer calls to the outdoor reader in all of us. You will find a host of nonprofit-focused reading lists online…

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Learning from Dad

Even though they share the moniker, no two dads are exactly alike. Which makes it no surprise that each father and/or influential male in our lives has a little something different to instill upon us. Here are a few…

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Save the Date: Philanthropy Day 2019

Each fall CNE hosts Philanthropy Day as a way to bring together a diverse audience to celebrate, educate and motivate stakeholders from the nonprofit sector.

This year we are honored to welcome…

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Spring Is Here

Famed groundhog Punxsutawney Phil may have been a bit off the mark yet again when on February 2 this year he promised a greener season would be fast approaching. More than six weeks later, no thanks to Phil, spring has…

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Leaders To The Front

Think about the leaders at your nonprofit. Did you immediately picture the Executive Director? Were you focused on the President and CEO? Was the first person who came to mind the Board Chair? The people in these roles do

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Local Advocacy

Last summer, Charlottesville City Council began a review of the Agency Budget Review Team (ABRT) process –  the process by which the City funds nonprofits. The City is looking at how to revise the process to bring further alignment between grant awards to nonprofits and the City’s strategic priorities.

Earlier this…

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What Can the Numbers Tell Us?

To collect data or not to collect data? Forbes tells us there’s no question; data is key in nonprofit management. What we do have to ask is how we can use good data to do more good in our…

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Nonprofits Support Federal Workers

As the current government shutdown continues, federal workers who are either furloughed or working without pay are struggling. Many people are looking for temporary work, relocating to live with family, and trying to maintain their homes and favorable credit scores. Those who rely on government services which have been…

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Stand Up and Speak Up

As nonprofits, our bread and butter is community engagement. We must effectively engage clients, community partners, donors, elected officials, and other stakeholders to provide essential services. This is one way we make a stronger community. On occasion, an opportunity arises to make our collective voices heard,…

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Maintaining Balance During the End-of-Year Push

With its short dreary days, year-end fundraising crunch, and pressure to make the most of our time with friends and family, the holiday season can get some of us down. But we can and should work against the effects of the…

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Philanthropy Day 2018

Each fall we celebrate the vibrant nonprofit community and the transformational power of philanthropy in Central Virginia. This year we were thrilled to welcome Vu Le, the Executive Director of Rainier Valley Corps, to share his insights on…

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A Culture of Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving! We at CNE want to add our voice of gratitude and appreciation. We are thankful for our nonprofit members who are deeply passionate about their work and strive tirelessly to serve communities across Central Virginia. We’re thankful for 

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Stand Up, Fight Back

Center for Nonprofit Excellence, its board of directors, and its staff condemn in the strongest voice the recent murders of members of the Jewish community in Pittsburgh and the African American citizens in Kentucky….

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