Breakfast Conversation: Financial Benchmarks & What Makes a Healthy Nonprofit?

What do we consider as vital markers of our organizational financial health? What are funders looking for? What do we wish more funders understood? 

Who: Nonprofit leaders. Executive Directors or staff who are interacting with, responding to, and considering the overall financial health of the organization for the organization and/or as communicated to donors.

What: Join peer nonprofit leaders for a closed-door conversation on the financial benchmarks you think are important, and how that plays out for your organization and in the sector.

WhenSeptember 24, September 27, or October 1. Each session is from 8.30-10.00 am. Breakfast provided.

We encourage nonprofits with budgets of less than $500,000 to register for the session on September 24 and for nonprofits with budgets over $500,000 to register for the session on September 27. The October 1 session is meant for a conversation with nonprofits of any size.

Where: At CNE, 1701-A Allied Street, Charlottesville, VA. (Next to Circa, behind C’Ville Coffee — street parking available)

Why: These information-finding sessions are part of a series of conversations that CNE is hosting as part of the Finance Academy — with nonprofit, corporate, and community leaders and with philanthropists. The goal is to consider how national financial benchmarking standards translate to and for our community, and ultimately to share the feedback cross-sector and in ways that foster communication and understanding.

How: For more information or to register, contact Sarah Gaines at sgaines@thecne.org.

The Finance Academy

The CNE and the CFA Institute partnership provides board members, executive directors, finance managers and staff members with key skills for mastering the financial health of their organization. The Finance Academy accommodates nonprofits at any point in their organizational development to grow and find an ethical, leading-practice approach to achieving both mission impact and financial sustainability.