Advanced Series Follow-up Survey

We value your feedback so that we can continue to ensure high quality and maximally useful trainings, workshops and consultation. Please take 2 minutes to tell us the impact of what you learned at the training that you attended four months ago.

  • Not at all or minimallyA littleSomeQuite a BitA lot or Extensively
    About how much of what you learned have you used in your work?
    How confident are you in your ability to use what you learned in your work?
    How useful has what you learned been in your work?
  • Not at all or minimallyA LittleSomeQuite a bitA lot or extensively
    Increase your knowledge
    Lead to improvements for your organization
    Improve your ability to engage with others on the topic at your organization
  • Please enter a number from 0 to 9999.
  • **We ask that you include your name; however, your name will not be associated with your previous survey responses.