Meet Our Trainers

CNE partners with a wide range of expert trainers and facilitators in developing and providing its programs and services, many of whom volunteer their time to CNE because they’re committed to strengthening the sector. We’re lucky to know them, and grateful for their deep expertise and willingness to share it.


The speakers below have led and facilitated trainings for CNE WorkshopsAdvanced Training SeriesLeadership Circles and Academies.

Sarah Milston

The Spark Mill
CNE Programs: Management Academy

Starting her career for nonprofits focused on fundraising, marketing, and board development, Sarah left to build a varied and diverse consulting practice focused on strategic planning and nonprofit sustainability. Whether a guide, instigator, or knowledge base Sarah is passionate… Read More

Christina Monfalcone, CPA, CGMA

Monfalcone & Garris Accounting
CNE Programs: Finance Academy

Before forming Monfalcone, & Garris, Christina worked briefly at several non-profit and for-profit groups outside of Charlottesville and began her career in public accounting at the firm of Joseph J. Saunders, III, CPA, Inc in 1999.

She has extensive experience with income tax… Read More

Amy P. Nisenson

Amy Nisenson Consulting
CNE Programs: Workshops

Amy’s consulting expertise includes strategic planning, board development/governance work, board and staff meeting facilitation, organizational development, succession planning, executive search and CEO evaluation, and resource development. Her over 30 years as a senior philanthropy professional includes work on both… Read More

Cathy Smalley Pales, Ed.D.

Take a Breath Coaching, LLC
CNE Programs: CNE Workshops

Cathy Smalley Pales, Ed.D. is the owner of Take a Breath Coaching, LLC. Take a Breath Coaching works primarily with high-achieving women to develop better leadership presence and behaviors through learning how to thrive instead of just survive.

Leadership presence… Read More

Honie Ann Peacock

Hapnings Now LLC

Honie Ann Peacock is a social entrepreneur, founder of five small businesses, and a former Human Resource and Diversity executive in Fortune 500 companies. Honie Ann was an active member of the NYC Chamber of Commerce, co-founded its Women’s… Read More

Eric Perkins

Perkins Law, PLLC
CNE Programs: Workshops

Eric Perkins is the founding owner of Perkins Law, PLLC, a small business and nonprofit law firm in Richmond, VA that focuses on small business startups and transactions, franchising, and nonprofit organizations.  For over 21 years, he has assisted nonprofit… Read More

Justin Pollack

Principal and Founder
CNE Programs: Finance Academy

Working with agencies and capacity builders to develop strategies that encourage meaningful community benefit and organizational sustainability, he focuses on strengthening the connection between vision and the organizational leadership, programming, finance, and infrastructure needed to be effective. Supporting organizational… Read More

Maryfrances Porter

Partnerships for Strategic Impact
CNE Programs: Management Academy

Maryfrances Porter, Ph.D., Founder of Partnerships for Strategic Impact™, brings over 20 years of experience in research and using data in leading local change initiatives across service sectors. Partnership for Strategic Impact helps nonprofits, governments, foundations, and corporations demonstrate the… Read More

Carol Pribulka

Independent Philanthropy Consultant
CNE Programs: CNE Workshops

A career development professional, Carol Pribulka has experience with organizations of all types and sizes developing unique programs to meet their needs. Her expertise has been cultivated through leading programs in strategic planning, campaign planning and management, identifying and cultivating… Read More

Andrew Robinson, Ph.D.

Program Manager
CNE Programs: Board Academy, Management Academy

Andrew brings over ten years of classroom experience at the college level. During his time as a graduate student he fell in love with teaching and sought out opportunities to connect with other practitioners and better understand how learning… Read More

Laurie Jarrett Rogers

Independent Grant Writer
CNE Programs: Advanced Trainings - Annual Fund Series, CNE Workshops, Management Academy

Since March 1995, Laurie has worked as an independent grant writer for non-profits in the Metro Richmond area. From that position, she has assisted in all aspects of fund raising such as starting or increasing annual funds, formulating strategies… Read More

Allison Scholl

Acorn Group
CNE Programs: Leadership Circles

Allison Scholl formed the Acorn Group to harness the power of philanthropy and positively—even radically—benefit and transform communities. Allison’s dedication to the non-profit… Read More

Russell Willis Taylor

Former Board Chair
Center for Nonprofit Excellence
CNE Programs: Board Academy

Russell Willis Taylor served as interim Vice President for arts and leadership at The Banff Centre in Canada from 2016 to 2018. Prior to that, she served as President and CEO of National Arts Strategies from January 2001 to… Read More

Ebony Walden

Founder & Principal
Ebony Walden Consulting
CNE Programs: Workshops

Ms. Walden has over a decade of community development experience working with a diversity of practitioners and residents to transform communities. She leverages her experience as an urban planner and community builder to design and facilitate community workshops, trainings and… Read More

Joseph Walsh, Ph.D., LCSW

VCU School of Social Work
CNE Programs: Workshops

Joseph Walsh, Ph.D. is in his 25th year at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Social Work. His area of academic specialty, and that on which he focuses his scholarship is clinical social work practice, particularly with clients who have… Read More

Bev Wann, M. Ed., PCC

Leadership Coach
Bev Wann: Leadership for Conscious Change
CNE Programs: Advanced Trainings

Bev is a leadership coach and consultant and has served as an adjunct faculty member at the Federal Executive Institute since 1990. She offers workshops to emerging and senior leaders that integrate mindfulness, applied neuroscience, resilience, and leadership. Bev… Read More

Sara Whiffen

Insights Ignited

Through Insights Ignited, Sara Whiffen is leading efforts to bring the science of effectuation into the corporate world. She conducts research, leads a practice, and has gained international recognition for her methods of applying effectuation to organizational environments. Sara held… Read More

Katherine Whitney

Co-founder and Director
Warren Whitney

Katherine Whitney has over 25 years of experience in helping organizations reach their potential. Most of Katherine’s work involves understanding the current position of an organization and working with its staff, management, board members, and other supporters to determine strategic… Read More

Trina Willard

Knowledge Advisory Group

Trina Willard, founder Knowledge Advisory Group, provides organizations with program evaluation and measurement services which inform business planning and future organizational development. Trina’s methods typically focus on the implementation and effectiveness of programs, policies, and procedures that help clients… Read More

Bernadette Wright

Meaningful Evidence


Bernadette Wright is founder of Meaningful Evidence, LLC, a Northern Virginia based consulting firm helping nonprofits leverage research to make a bigger difference for people. Recently, she has worked with National Alliance for Caregiving and NMAC (formerly National Minority… Read More

Jake Zarnegar

Chief Business Development Officer
Silverchair Information Systems
CNE Programs: Board Academy

Jake Zarnegar is Chief Business Development Officer at Silverchair Information Systems, a Charlottesville-based software company devoted to bringing highly useful online information products to millions of professionals and students in scientific, technical, and medical disciplines. Prior to that role,… Read More

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