Joshua René

Founder I Insight Strategist
The Spill Teem
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The Spill Teem’s Founder, Joshua René, is  the recipient of the Program Leadership in Sales, Marketing and Technology Award, Mastery Certification in Leadership Development, he was a panelist at the University of Virginia’s, 1st Annual Serving Society Conference, Adjunct Instructor at Piedmont Virginia Community College, speaker at Quad County Business Summit, and is currently a trusted advisor to executive leadership, clergy, and organizations throughout the East Coast. Now the Founder and the lead Insight Strategist for The Spill Teem, he created an agency with hopes to pioneer human centered thinking within organizations and individuals.  The Spill Teem is a business visioning and consulting agency who works from the inside out. Diving into the “messy” uncertainty of goals, vision and purpose, we thrive in building strong strategic thinking cultures and creating sustainable execution. After 15 years in leadership roles ranging from supervisory to a tenured directorship; Human Services taught Joshua that serving people begins with serving how they think.

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