Camille Wright Miller, Ph.D.

Founder and President
The Virginia Group
CNE Programs: CNE Workshops, Management Academy

Helping organizations reach their goals and helping those who work in those organizations achieve their fullest potential is Camille’s passion. Founder and President of The Virginia Group, Camille has engaged organizations and individuals for over 20 years in consulting and training. Clients include Fortune 500’s, the Governor’s Office (VA), state and federal agencies, non-profits, and small enterprises. In addition to consulting, Camille derives great pleasure from the energy created in classrooms where she leads discussions on a wide range of topics, including Strategic Planning for Non-profits, Conflict Management, Time Management, Influence without Authority, Time Management, and Generational Differences. Her consulting covers a broad range and has included analysis of organizational effectiveness, implementing performance review systems, assisting in hiring processes, and organizational redesigns to improve effectiveness.

Camille has been interviewed on radio and television, appeared in features in The Roanoke Times and Rolling Stone magazine, and she wrote a business-advice column (Working it Out) for The Roanoke Times for over twelve years. Camille is a graduate of the University of Virginia (Ph.D., Sociology) and Middle Tennessee State University (M.A., B.S.).

When not working with clients, Camille is active in her community, Lexington Va. She chaired the Board of Zoning Appeals, served for sixteen years on Lexington’s Planning Commission, was a member of the Industrial Development Authority, and is now serving as a member of City Council. Camille has also held membership and officer positions on several non-profit boards.

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