We provide consulting, training, tools & resources. We work with individuals, organizations, and collaborating groups. We support board, staff and volunteers, all with one goal: to build, nurture and promote strong community.
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Program Testimonials

The Survey Series has completely transformed how we survey, and provided an effective methodology for data analysis. We will be able to more accurately measure and report program outcomes which will better inform our annual strategic planning process. The instructor was an excellent presenter who kept me looking forward to the next session. Thanks for CNE for extremely valuable programming not available elsewhere in our community.

Barbara Hutchinson, United Way TJA

The Executive Circle has provided me with a much needed outlet of professional support in a consistent way. The interactions with the group members are useful, and a good way to bounce ideas and issues in a safe forum. This is a great program for anyone needing an extended professional family, and it filled a niche in my career development just at the right time. Thanks to CNE and the group members.

Anonymous, Executive Circle Participant

I went into the Annual Fund Series with some trepidation in my heart, having experienced other classes in my career that promised much and didn’t fully deliver. To my great and happy surprise, the CNE class was empowering and eye-opening almost from the first minute, and has taken me from a place of dreading fundraising to one of understanding that it is our opportunity to truly know and engage our constituents and friends. Our trainer was thoroughly versed in her subject, and used every opportunity to amplify our understanding as well as remove our fear about tackling some of the most important work we do for our organizations: Ensuring their health and well-being. Thank you CNE for a great experience!

Gram Slaton, Piedmont Council for the Arts

The Board Academy is a well-run program with excellent administration and instructors who are seasoned professionals from the nonprofit sector. I gained so much insight about board governance, nonprofit accounting, fundraising, and recruitment, just to name a few. Although I have served on community boards for over 20 years, I now feel that I have the tools necessary to serve more effectively. Currently, I am reviewing opportunities for service on other local boards.

Andre Luck, Piedmont Virginia Community College

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