Short Board Education Sessions

May 22, 2022

Our nonprofit members represent arts, children, education, environment, faith, health, housing, seniors, and more. These are the organizations that enact a vision of Strong Nonprofits. Strong Community. Members uniquely connect CNE to our community and keep CNE aware of emerging needs and trends.

CNE strives to reciprocate and ensure that we are creating value for our members through our benefits and resources.

CNE offers member organizations a free weekday half-hour Board Education Session. CNE staff will facilitate a discussion during a regularly scheduled board meeting on one of five core areas of governance: roles and responsibilities, board/ED shared leadership, philanthropy, financial leadership, or board diversity, equity, and inclusion. The session is not customized to a specific organization, but rather meant to jump-start a conversation on the set topic with a mix of content, discussion, and follow-up resources.

Space is limited. If you are interested in participating or have questions, please send us an email or call 434.951.3330. Thank you for joining CNE to create a strong, vibrant, diverse community.