July 25, 2019

More for Members

Recently I read a newsletter announcement from The Center (formerly The Senior Center) about an enhanced membership model that will launch when they move to their new location later this year. I was intrigued, because CNE also uses a membership model, and The Center is one of our members. I met with Marketing and Communications Director Virginia Peale about the process behind choosing the new model, how it will affect the programs and services folks are currently accessing, and how they will share the information with members.

Virginia shared the type of change management structure that is guiding them through their journey:

  1. Research and discussion of a new membership model involving key constituents
  2. Introduction of the new framework to current and potential members in a clear and concise manner while encouraging further discussion
  3. Implementation of the change and reinforcing the new benefits for those who participate
The Center is not the only nonprofit to make a change to its operating model or another key aspect of its framework. Continually evaluating the structure and community response at any organization is a key process that allows stakeholders—whether through membership or other forms of engagement—to feel involved and valued.

We’ll check back in with the folks at the Center later in the year and give you an update on their new space and new offerings!

CNE is excited to launch 7 Actionable Principles for a Strong Social Sector!

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