New Year, New Faces at CNE

January 11, 2019

We’re excited to share that we’ve added two new members to the CNE team this year, both of whom have deep nonprofit experience and community knowledge. Introducing…

Aleen Carey, Senior Manager of Philanthropy and Communications

“Local nonprofits are at the very heart of our communities, and CNE plays a unique role in supporting those organizations. As a Board Academy Graduate and recent Philanthropy Day Host Committee Chair, I could not be more excited to become a permanent part of the outreach and engagement that makes CNE so important to Charlottesville and the surrounding areas.”

Ryan Jacoby, Deputy Director of Operations and Advancement

“I have a deep passion for nonprofits and am thrilled to join with our talented staff, Board, and other stakeholders in supporting and enhancing the critically important work of our members throughout the Charlottesville community and CNE’s entire service area.”

We made these hires to provide additional support to our work in Charlottesville while strengthening our communication and engagement with CNE members and other stakeholders across the region. What has not changed is our unwavering commitment to helping our members reach their full potential.

Having just completed a hiring process, we know how challenging it can be to hire new staff while keeping current programs strong and vibrant, especially for small but mighty organizations. We look forward to introducing you to Ryan and Aleen, and hope to see you soon at CNE.

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CNE is excited to launch 7 Actionable Principles for a Strong Social Sector!

We encourage you to check out the site and you can find a recording of our launch town hall here.

CNE Members: Schedule a complimentary hour of support and coaching around the 7 Actionable Principles here.