What to Do Before Getting Started

December 13, 2018

If you are thinking about starting a nonprofit, CNE’s updated Starting a Nonprofit Toolkit is a great place to begin. Our toolkit provides information on what it means to be a nonprofit and questions to ask to determine whether  launching a new nonprofit is the right thing to do. The Toolkit features insights on the importance of market research, gauging stakeholder and community support, and considering the time and resources that will be needed — especially around board governance.

If you’ve done your research and decided to move forward, the Toolkit includes next steps in the process. It provides guidance on mission and vision statements, bylaws and articles of incorporation, gaining tax exempt status, and building the first board of directors. A list of references and further resources are included in each section of the Toolkit for deeper dives. And if you decide that starting a nonprofit is not the right move for you, the Toolkit suggests alternatives to address the identified need while pursuing your passion and important community-driven work.

The updated Starting a Nonprofit Toolkit is free and available for anyone to download on CNE’s website.