Attracting and Hiring Your Best and Brightest (Round 2)

June 14, 2018

Picking up from my last post about how to get your best and brightest, let’s talk about your recruiting process.

Trust Your Process and Flex It

We all have our processes for selection through interviewing candidates. Sometimes we get stuck on the process to our and our candidates’ disadvantage.

Throughout the recruiting process, be flexible. Would it help your candidate to have fewer, but more in-depth interviews in one day? Is spreading them out over a few days/weeks with varying people going to help you and frustrate your candidate? Get to know your candidates and ask yourself if the process you have is going to help or hurt you. Surveying candidates to understand their experience can greatly help you understand and get to know what matters. As you try new processes, check in with your team too. Learn from them what worked and didn’t.

As important as it can be to remain flexible, you also want to maintain consistency in how you evaluate applicants. For example, we have every high-potential candidate meet with the same person, no matter what position they have applied for. This is our company barometer and helps drive consistency with hires across the organization.

Next time I’ll share how to ensure you are getting what you need and want.

Susan Dawson, a CNE board member, is the Chief People Officer at Silverchair Information Systems. This piece is the second of her series.

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