New Initiatives on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

April 26, 2018
Dear Colleagues,

A few weeks ago our newsletter shared resources for nonprofits that want to move the needle on racial equity. We have heard from many of our members that they would like to listen, learn, and do more to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in their organizations and in the community. You are not alone.

At CNE, we’ve updated our strategy to include a diversity program focus so that we can best support you. We see CNE as “learning lab”—a space to test out practices and approaches before we pass them on to others. In this spirit, we have begun our own diversity audit to understand how we can strengthen our operations and our programs. We will share what we learn with you.

At the same time, we already know of two areas where most nonprofits can do better: 1) recruiting, retaining, and developing diverse employees and 2) diversifying boards to provide deep and meaningful community participation in strategy and decision-making.

To begin, we’re offering a new CNE training. On Tuesday, June 12, we’ll be joined by Ebony Walden and Matthew Freeman who will speak on Race, Equity, and Your Organization. This four-hour workshop will provide an overview of the meaning and history of racism as well some basic tools to begin the process of reflection and action within your organization.

As we continue to develop tools, trainings, and resources, we’re interested in hearing from you about the challenges you face and the support you feel you need to more fully embrace the core values of diversity, equity, and inclusion.  We consider this the start of a conversation.

Cristine Nardi
Executive Director

CNE is excited to launch 7 Actionable Principles for a Strong Social Sector!

We encourage you to check out the site and you can find a recording of our launch town hall here.

CNE Members: Schedule a complimentary hour of support and coaching around the 7 Actionable Principles here.